Jun 5, 2009

Suhaib get bald again

This week daddy brought Suhaib for a hair cut since his hair are getting ‘serabut’ like ‘Rangga’ ;D. This is the 1st time Suhaib had his hair cut at the shop. Before this, when the Tsunami-like-wave of Suhaib’s hair were getting longer, Ummi will cut his hair whenever he fall asleep. Thus, jadilah rambut tak siap selama 2 hari. hahaks. What to do? He can only stand still for 2 seconds.
But this time, my 2yo boy really has becoming a big boy. Cause daddy said he can sat quietly at the barber shop while his hair being cut. Long after, he started to cry for daddy’s help. Fortunately his haircut has merely finish.

Suhaib and his new look.

Amacam?? Ada gaya budak tahfiz x? =D

A couple of days on early this week, Suhaib had a bad vomiting due to cough and flu. Fortunately it just a normal allergenic flu. And maybe it was due to a n extremely high temperature of Alor Setar and Perlis. Poor Suhaib… My stomach curling everytime he expelled everything out of his stomach. Yes true, it is good to let his phlegm go out since this little child did not know how to do it by himself. But I can’t find it in my heart to see my little boy felt so weak --deeply breathe, eyes open but without interest to the surrounding. Somehow, he loves to kiss her adik Syifa very much. As a result, while Suhaib is getting better, little Syifa is getting sick with the running nose and some cough. Helplessly, I hope that my milk is strong enough to cure her from getting worse. Cause she’s only 4mo+ and her heart is too young to process medicines for flu and cough. Yesterday, we just bought her an infant nasal pump to help her running nose which sometimes blocks her breathing.

Hopefully they could recover fast.

Sending Tokyah and Wan Im to Penang. Leaving for Umrah. Bila la Ummi nak sampai sana ya?..


Faz said...

anak truna faridah mmg hensem!!

Faridah Hassan said...

Suhaib: Makasih auntie farah preep2.. ;D Disamping itu saya juga sgt suka menangis. Menangis gilaaa... sampai umi dan ayah saya pun naik gilaaa. keh3