Jun 17, 2009

Jalan2 Pantai Timur (15-23 May 09)

We had our holiday (+ daddy's 5 days training at Dungun) last May. I'm just about to upload the photos to live up the memories.

Our journey (of course) started from Perlis. Go down to Alor Setar. Down some more to Kulim. Bring along my parents. From Kulim, we went through Grik, Jeli, Tanah Merah (and some forgottened places) directly to Kuala Terengganu (KT). 10.30am from Kulim, 2.30pm reached Setiu(I guess- if not mistaken- huh~ so forgetful!). We saw a 'cafe Taman Tema Agro' signboard-3km(from the main road).

Starving. But did not see any 'warung' to eat. Maybe cuz it's Friday- shop closed. Hence, we decided to go down the 3km plantation road. And here what we found out..

An agro theme resort with some chalets and rooms to stay. My comment, OK, not bad I guess.. but make sure you have your specific interest such as camping, playing with fish-?? how?, fishing, canoeing, waterfall picnic ( they write it in the banner-but I can't see any waterfall- maybe need to go deeper), (a must) swimming pool (not for fishes okay) and etc.

The place surrounded by lakes and fishes pools. A peaceful place but very hot during the noon (of course)..

Here goes some of the pictures..

Taman Tema Agro

My parents with their cucu..

See at the back - plenty of fish. Goreng pon sodap nih..

The chalets.. My poor editing..Well, jst to show some landscape of that Tmn Tema Agro..

Nah, here there goes abt the activities available here. So I got it rite.. at Setiu.

Hurmm... this is before collapse.. Just a passed by aheading to my cuzin's house.

Some more pictures about the East coast journey soon! =)

Hugs and kisses.


DaZzlingLilLy said...

cantik eh pemandangan kat taman agro ni

Faridah Hassan said...

not bad la.. tp klu p tgh2 panas terik, yg cantik tu xnampak menyerlah sgt lah kot.. pd firasat sy klu waktu pagi2 tu mesti sedaaaap je rase..

ain adreanna said...

knape ku rase cam kenal je tempat ney..cam agro resort setiu..tol ker???kiter dah penah gie c2..best gak kan..men kayak..rumah tepi air tu pon lawa..dkt ngan kg my hubby...

Faz said...

na nananaaaaa ganu kiter..!!!

Faridah Hassan said...

Ain: Betul3.. Dekat ngn kg awk yerr? Seronok la cam tu kelik kg. leh gi sll..

K Farah: Yess! Ganu mmg besss! Raser cam nak jdi rakyat Ganu jerr bile p sana. Tp xpandai ghoyak sana lew.. ;D

Faz said...

dulu time peknen kat suhaib pun cuti2 ganu jugak kan.. =)

xpo, mu dak reti ghoyak,kawe leh ajar mu,,tp kenalaa wi pngerass..ekekeke

Faridah Hassan said...

ha3.... dok terbayang2 agaknye camnela bunyi k farah speaking ganu. Sbb xpernah dgr lgi selama dok saing dulu.. :)

Faz said...

biaselerr,, jmpe geng baru leh kecek ganu,,ahaks!!

Faz said...

ehh, ape email?? org nak invite ni,,huhuhuhu

Faridah Hassan said...

owh.. ptt ler xleh bukak blog k frah.. ni email org,