May 30, 2009

Suhaib & the adjourned birthday =)

As promised, Suhaib's birthday has been celebrated. Yesterday's evening at Tandoplah. The whole villagers came by visited ;P. Yeah yeah kidding. I mean the whole troop of our Tandop's families came and spent their time for our Suhaib. Kakaka, ramai tau..

A couple of pictures...

Not to mention, daddy now has becoming a good runner (day by day)while mummy is away for bz2. ;D Sayang Abang!Sgt2 tau.. ;D

Thinking back, mummy's quite upset cause forgot to order cuppies for Suhaib.. =( Sorry me.. Klu ada cuppies kan chomell..But not that bad, ok jugak lah kek doraemon by Sayang Bakery. Takpe, next bithday, mummy buat sendirik kek ok!
Ka ka ka. Suhaib: pandai janji, esok jgn buat2 lupe pulak yer...

Hei not forget to mention,, actually there are balloons hang up by Tokyah n geng tauu.. Jgn main2.. Sporting my MIL.. :)) Unfortunately, no picture snap for the balloons la..

May 28, 2009

Breastfeeding. The Practice.

Having Syifa’ is my 2nd time experiences breastfeed. When I was having Suhaib, I was too far from being a conscious working mum to support breastfeeding. Poor me. Or maybe the hype of breastfeeding and the ‘stuffs’ did not cover over here- me, town(kangar) n unimap- hehehe. .

I started to know ‘accidentally’ about breastfeeding and the technique for a working mother from my last schoolmate a.k.a studypartner (during my SPM 1999-I stayed at the hostel for 9 months- konon utk focus study la.. keh3) Siti Suzawati. I was introduced to
susuibu.com and momslittleones.com. I read through the web and became enthusiast about breastfeed. They are all evolving and up to date mommies. They are hardworking, with so much desires and efforts and willing to spend some amount of rm$$$ (or $$$$ =)) to gear up themselves with the right equipment. In a broad sense, it is possible for a 9hrs working mother to proceed with a full-on-BM-child for 2 years. I hope I could insist myself to bfeed Syifa’ for the full term- 1y n 8m 2go.. ding 4x

Looking back time, it was my 5m of pregnancy; I searched n searched n searched n study n study n study. I finally made a conclusion:

Medela Freestyle(FS).

Since the pump isn’t been sell openly on the supermarket, so I bought it online. From Ajasu. It cost me as indicates, a rm$$$$. Thinking of the ‘longtime’ (kekekeke) commitment that I am going to endure, so bought it.

Medela FS is an electric double pumps-can pump both sides at a time- also can go for single pumping, with rechargeable battery- lasted for many hours, a lightweight handheld and digitally operated. It comes with all the accessories as figured above which are the cooler bag- for keeping the EBM(expressed breast milk) at cool temperature during working time, 4 medela 5oz bottles with caps and handsfree accessories( I never use it yet cause comfort enough holding with my hands). This pump uses a 2 phase expression- can mimic a baby’s sucking and promote let down. It has up to 9th level of suction. I only need level 6 to stimulate the flow and decrease it to level 3 after a while- good enough to suck out the last drops of the milk. I normally spend at least 10mins to pump for both sides. I think, longer time spends on the pump could also help to stimulate more milk, because the BM works well on demand. Although there’s no more milk is going out, if we let the pump keep pumping (in a soft suction- cause it’ll be quite hurt if there’s no milk, so use low level), it will let the body knows that we need more milk. I manage to sustain my milk production by equipping my self with this pump. So far I'm able to pump out a total of 18-19oz at my workplace.

Even so, a good pump will not be so much helpful if we didn’t help ourselves on keeping up with a sufficient schedule of pumping sessions. Thus, it needed a very strong determination, motivational and inspirational model as well. Striving for EBM for our child is not as easily said for ‘jimat2’. The utmost importance is to provide our precious child with the greatest milk in the world. In term of antibody, it is apparent that a child with a full on BM is more healthy. It has proven me from the experiences of raising Suhaib and Syifa’.

Till next entry!

Some notes:
Some parents try to accelerate the learning process of reading in their children because they believe that in this way they will increase their intelligence. This is a fallacy and parents must be aware that it is necessary to respect the pace of each child to develop and the child’s physical readiness for a particular learning task.

May 26, 2009

Suhaib Birthday is Today!

This morning when Suhaib wake up, me and hubby wish and sing him a Heppi Birthday song. Suhaib went blushing in his smile. So I thought he’s now understood what a birthday is. Sbb yesterday mummy told him, tomorrow is Suhaib's birthday, birthday is the day you were born where you went out from mummy belly tummy as a baby like adik Syifa'. But not sure enough whether he has the idea of having a birthday cake and a special gift- I don’t think so :). Perhaps if we introduce it to him by this age, then he will learn very fast. I think so :). Reminiscing his 1st birthday, he was too little to understand the birthday party that we made- like participating in a walkathon- but he went off without any directions, so mummy and daddy got to rush after him here and there- cause he just got his legs the previous 2 months. Sampai ummi nak potong kek pun x feeling.*smiling on thought*
"Hai… anak ummi dah makin besar dan sgt cerdik+nakal. Tapi takpe.. ummi suka mcm tu."

Speaking of his milestone, Suhaib is very talkative and full of action and wanting for attraction most of the time. Pop pet 2x, cakap kedah + perlis + kl + siam dier tuh. *lol* He now can understand differences-- like big vs small, long-short, fast-slow – and understand double instructions—like go to the dustbin and throw the pampers in there—heheh ni ummi sll buat *wink3* When he saw some interesting stuffs like fancy flashing lights on the road (recall back, his 1st favorite word besides ‘ayah’ and ‘mi’ is lampu-‘ampu2’), the ships, sea and the shore (‘ombak mai, ombak mai’) and many more, he will start to talk about it so excitedly. Laju mcm train. His mind works faster than his tongue ;). A new funny supportive word which he often uses now is ‘sat’. (‘makan kfc cat’, ‘main cat’) *lol* Pandai la pulak dok bersat-sat anak ummi nih. Tapi bila ummi cakap tunggu sat!, wat donno jer.. Now Suhaib also could understand feeling of sadness. Mummy noticed it when mummy was acting like crying. Suhaib came near, touched and called me in a very soft voice, “Ummi...”. When mummy look at him, he kissed my cheek with a sad facial expression. God… im so touched. Thank you Allah 2x.

Many more about Suhaib, he loves dancing and story telling especially when we tell him a story, he always wants to interframe with his story too. End up the storyline that we have in our mind have always been edited by his imagination. *lol* He has the word for almost everything and often asked for and direct our attention to objects that he familiar by naming it. He’s now getting to know on how to express love to his younger sister, adik syifa’. Sometimes, he will go near Syifa’ very quietly and sayang2 and touch2 softly. Then after a while, he starts to cucuk2 and hit her body and head. Syifa’ the 4mo pun pandai. Sometimes, looking at him only- she quickly cries out loud. *lol*

Last 2 days when we were at my pil’s house, it was dinner time, my mil asked me to go and eat with the rest first while she’s swinging Syifa’ for sleep. Suhaib sat on the big chair beside me and wanted to eat by himself. So I let him. Surprisingly he invited my mil, “tokyah, akan” (tokyah, makan). *lol* Suhaib2… always acting like a big bro.

Daddy's boy

*Sigh* So much more about Suhaib on his 2yo to tell here. But dats all for now. We plan to celebrate his birthday on this weekend at Tandop( my pil’s house) since there will be a lot of children including my sil’s and cil’s kids. But tonite will have dinner at KFC since he loves KFC (he called ‘KFci’) so much. Present??? *dingdong* Sorry, ummi and daddy belum ada idea lagi ;p. Sbb Suhaib selalu jahanamkannya ;D

Wut bro??
Cedap ke jari tu adik syifa'??
Come on swing2

May 11, 2009

Dapat award lah. Yeah!

Many thankssssss sgt2 to Elia and Lilly for this neno-neno ;D award. Mekacih2..

The rules are :

Post this award at your blog.
Present this award to 10 blogs which u think is the most inspirational, amiable, lovely, congenial & nice.
(tanpa mengikut turutan)

Here's my friends good blogs:
Elia For the mommyhood and etc2
Lilly For an adorable girlie stuffs and cutie2
Mommy Hafiy & Fahry You are such a supermom! Im so inspired. Thank you Pam- Knoe dis from ur tagged ;D
Siew Yin Wut a luvly diary of Khai-Chen's
Nazri Cute daddy lah hang nih.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother, ummi, ibu, mama, mommy- words when we called it we could feel something different about these words. There’s incomparable love whilst a big and trustful hope that we could acquired from the strength of a mother. In any state of affairs, mother has always be the best partner to walk along.

Mak, adik ucapkan selamat hari ibu pada mak dan terima kasih di atas
pengorbanan mak selama ini”..
I wish I could wish this to my mum sentimentally like starring a movie where everyone looked at it and feel so touched by the scene. But I am so unfortunate that I only manage to say it monotonously. :( I hope dat my mother could feel the appreciation I’ve tried to show to her.

To my wonderful son and daughter, mother will love you without any condition, and will try to become the best mother for you.

Ya Allah, bantulah aku agar aku dapat menjadi ibu yang terbaik untuk anak2

May 7, 2009


Suhaib vs Syifa

u are 96%

u are 92%

Errr... how many percent eh??

May 5, 2009

My Memory Lane

Just to keep some of the beautiful memories..

Just married. To this man! Oh honey ;D

Honeymoon. Mase ni kurus lagi no.. ;D

Suhaib came out ;D 26th May 2007

Asy-syifa' came out 23rd Jan 2009. My precious kids sleep in peace ;D

May 4, 2009

Our 1st Daughter

Zahra Nursyifa'- our 1st doter, born on 23rd Jan 2009, Perlis. 7 days being warded at the hospital before can see my lil princess Nursyifa'. The memories of each moments of being warded, are somehow faded by time- that’s why they said women tend to be forgetful more usual then men- so by this ‘creation’ we could forget all the painful moment of the past more easily! :) If not, maybe most of the women are getting ‘serik’ to pregnant again! –LOL. Eventually, itulah yang dikatakan kuasa Yang Maha Pencipta. The beauty sides of all the moments give the best experience and mature us. Like a friend of mine said, “Motherhood made me stronger”. (Elia, u are such a lovely friend n mother with such a cute looking in many ways! Demm…;) )
Ok, back to the story of my lil ones, another hard moment was when I have to struggle by myself, waiting my lil princess at nicu for 5 days. So psyco, looking people come in and go back but me cannot. Huhu~ It was due to Syifa’s jaundice and her blood was too thick that prolonged her to cure. Hurmmm.. kesian umi ;) And Syifa’ was too little, she’s only 2.45kg when she came out and so love to sleep all da time. So hard to wake her up for feeding until mommy’s booby got engorged. So lagilah lambat nak baik ni sayang.. Nasib baik jugaklah ada Medela FS, which is so helpful- Electric breastpump, can be softly-handled, double pump- cepat and comfort, can be battery operated, handheld. Most of all, it could motivate me to pump frequently and no formula milk for my baby- sbb dah invest banyak maa :) .. This is my 2nd time delivering a baby but my 1st time to join the club of exclusively on EBM mothers. Thankful to Allah, I’ve been given the exposure to such a valuable sacrifice. Thank you to Watie, to introduce me to www.susuibu.com- I wish I could have found this website earlier when I was awaiting for Suhaib.. To mommies yg expecting for their new ones, let spend a bit of your time to search and learn what to expect for your newcomer. They really need us, and so to said we need to ‘google’ for more information to prepare ourselves on handling them.

Till next time. Here’s are some of my doter’s moments..

Her 1st day

Umi so love to see u smile little princess :) :)