Jun 12, 2009

Syifa Milestone

Yippiiii... finally I can roll over!

The last 2 days, when I was laying down with Syifa, Suhaib and daddy, for bed, we all had a ‘busy’ time. Me and daddy were chatting to each other while Suhaib always be the one that interframe us. Okay…okay… cerita monyet.. Daddy always be the best storyteller since mummy is taking care of Syifa’. Daddy made the story so exciting until Suhaib were hard to sleep and required a longer time. They laugh and acting together. "Bile nak tido ni… ummi letih dah.. ;) Sometimes, mummy do storytell him. Definitely he could fall asleep faster (cause mummy’s story quite boring la…. ;p. Asyik2… cerita teladan yg *lems* tue..)

Oh, Syifa? Syifa suddenly rolled over. Mummy didn’t notice how she did that. Padahal she’s only beside me. he he he.

She did it so hard. Poor Syifa. But that’s no problem at all ok. Until today, she only manages to do it several times. Maybe her ‘drumstick’ part made her body seem so heavy. She had a new routine now. Everyday she will wake up at around 5am, and cooing ooooo ooooo…, aaaa…. aaaa… When she sees me open my eyes, she will return a smile. Waaahh… awalnyer kejut mummy…. Mummy ngantut lagi…

Additional Update:

Syifa' likes to roll from back to front most of the times. She do it without hard anymore.. "Very good..."

This morning we brought them to Dr Menon's clinic to conduct the nebulizers ( a respiratory device that allow a vaporized medicine to be inhaled into the lungs) since they still got irritated by some deep coughs. All ok, but another 2 sessions to go through this afternoon. It will be one at 3pm. The other, maybe at 8.30pm+.

Now Syifa’ can be a little more confident cause her body weight is not approaching the ‘obesity’ region anymore. She is now 7kg at 4mths and 3wks.

Syifa: "Hi there. It is not because of taking a hard time diet, but recently I used to exercise a lot. You know how hard it requires me for a rolling back-to-front? I tell u it’s not easy! Huh~ My healthy thigh is so heavy. But recently I’m kinda notice that my thigh is a bit slimmer than previous!” ;p

“Let’s enjoy viewing some of my pictures taking with a busy-buddy. I like to call him Abg Boy cause of his new baldy head. Ups! Sorry bro =D

Hey, this is me!

Yesss! I finally made it.. Hey, what is that?.. da da da..

Can u see a dark spot under my eye? Yes, that was done with no-mercy by the bz-buddy. Grrrr....

There comes the bz-buddy! I tell u. He can't 'stay tuned' for one sec. Shhhhh.... U don't tell him okay.
Uhuhuks..Hey bro. Wut's up? I'm just snapping some photos here..

Okay2.. U want to take photo too ya! Come-on2. U may join me. (*bz-buddy lerr...*)

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