Jun 25, 2009

From KT (Kuala Terengganu) to Dungun

We had a limited time traveling to Dungun to catch for daddy's training session. Thus we didn't spend too much time on visiting KT. I still remember the last visit (on yr 2007- pregnancy term for Suhaib), when we visited the Pantai Batu Buruk, Masjid Terapung,Rumah Pakcik Ramli at Gong(apatah?), Rumah Makcik Kamariah at KT (when my hubby ...... Ha3 very funni, xbole lupa lah!), and my FIL's keluarga angkat at Kuala Berang (betul ke ni? harggghh... xigt nama la). Makan kepok lekor cicah sos cili spesel Tganu. Huh~ mmg sedap sgt2.

This time we couldn't make the visit, just a passing by through the places at KT. We rest at my Cuzin house somewhere at KT. The first day we arrived there was a very fine afternoon, thus they brought us to makan2 at tepi pantai(apatah? yg dekat airport tu.. ada banyak kuda. Saye perasan ini sbb saya suka sgt pd kuda). It was our first time enjoying 'cicah2'seafood. Where we just ratah2 ikan kembong (kot..), sotong and etc (all goreng tepung), dipped with the TGanu chilli sauce. Mmg agak pelik bagi ku meratah mcm tu saje, tp besss...Sedappp! Tambah kene angin sepoi sepoi..

My hubby took my parents and Suhaib to Masjid Kristal. Me? and Syifa? We just awaited in the car coz it was so hot and Syifa dah bebal dan mengantuk sgt2..

Some of the view. Very nice..

'Bintang Tiga'. Always acting like this when get ready in front of the camera. Mane belajar, ummi pun tatau le..

Without wasting many times, we went directly to Dungun. It was a seaside road passing along Rantau Abang, where the turtles lay eggs. But nowadays they said there's not so much turtles coming up. Endangered animal. Poor them..

We arrived at Dungun around 5 o'clock. This is our first time being at Dungun. Driving around the town to find for the training building. Sesat sana sesat sini. Gosh!... we were so helpless.

Finally found. Now need to find for a good hotel (instead of IPM hotel that we've book on earlier) for a five days stay. We go along the beach side and found the Mayang Sari resort ( which is more comfort, nice view and not too expensive- but not too cheap also :)).

Looking tired. Sudah sampai Dungun.. Hey, jauh tau I drive kereta tadi...

Mayang Sari Resort. At the beachfront.

And the best part is (of course) the swimmming pool.. Cuz for 5 days at Dungun? What to do? Pagi petang swimming. Dengan Syifa2 sekali mummy train swimming. Heheh.. At 4mo, she's not that bad. Even better than Abang Suhaib. Very light in the water paddling her legs. That's why they said teaching a baby to swim is easier than a bigger child. As for Suhaib, he's also got excited by the pool but he was too afraid for letting his head kena air. So he just walked inside the pool with the chest-height water level..Amazingly, he walked quite fast and steady, without slipped down at all. Opah (my mother) also has enjoyed the swimming (Jgn tak tahu, my mother is a good swimmer tau..). So we went to the deeper pool alternately while taking care of my two kids.~lepas gian.. ;D

Since my hubby were having the course everyday 9am-5pm, hence we went visiting all over Dungun places without him. We went back to the Rantau Abang to see what's there, Pantai Teluk Bidara, Hutan Lipur Jambu Bongkok(yg dah tak terjaga.very poor..), Tanjong Jara Resort (teringin nak masuk, but high security le.. xbuleh masuk kalau jst nak survey2.. mmg cam tue ke?..)

Panorama Pantai Teluk Bidara.

Suhaib for the first time stepping on the beach. He was afraid at first but when the seawater washing his food, he started to like it very much.

This visit wasn't been planned properly, we were unfortunate for Mayang Sari could only provide us a 3 days staying. As for the 2 more days, we went back to IPM Hotel at Jln Paka. This hotel served a cheaper rates but the rooms quite worth it. There's still not so much hotels available for a sort of 'vacation' place like that. So, if you are planning to go there, you might need to book hotel on earlier day. There are some more; Hotel UiTM (always fully book for late reservation), Ulek Mayang Resort... well I think that's all I can remember which look good from my first sight. Dunno how they really are..

Hugs n Kisses!


ain said...

cantiknya pantai!!!bersihhh!!!

akak nak tanya sikit...masjid kristal tu masjid terapung ekh. dia org buat facelift ke..???

DaZzlingLilLy said...

suhaib makin comel..geram..cop jadi menantu boleh???..tehehe

Farah said...

pic of mommy and kiddos kat swimming pool mane..
nk jgak tgok gaye mommy of 2 kids buat kuak lentang..hehehe

Faridah Hassan said...

Hehehe.. salam semuee.. sori lama xreply, org cuti gi KL. ni baru balik.

Kak Ain,
org xpasti ler ttg msjd kristal tu.. sbb xturun lgsng..

Hehehe.. bole2...

Farah? maklong ke kak faz ni? klik tgk profile not available. gambar kiteorg swimming xde org nak tlg snap lew... maleh nak bwk camera takut mummy cuai, jatuh dlm pool..

Farah said...

Faz ler..
sori ade pblem skit ngn my S&C blog. so temporary kena closed,huhu :(

Mummy Faridah said...

Slm K Farah... apesal dgn blog K Farah? rindula... =)

Farah said...

hehe sori sgt. today or lusa insyaallah dh boleh up :)