May 30, 2009

Suhaib & the adjourned birthday =)

As promised, Suhaib's birthday has been celebrated. Yesterday's evening at Tandoplah. The whole villagers came by visited ;P. Yeah yeah kidding. I mean the whole troop of our Tandop's families came and spent their time for our Suhaib. Kakaka, ramai tau..

A couple of pictures...

Not to mention, daddy now has becoming a good runner (day by day)while mummy is away for bz2. ;D Sayang Abang!Sgt2 tau.. ;D

Thinking back, mummy's quite upset cause forgot to order cuppies for Suhaib.. =( Sorry me.. Klu ada cuppies kan chomell..But not that bad, ok jugak lah kek doraemon by Sayang Bakery. Takpe, next bithday, mummy buat sendirik kek ok!
Ka ka ka. Suhaib: pandai janji, esok jgn buat2 lupe pulak yer...

Hei not forget to mention,, actually there are balloons hang up by Tokyah n geng tauu.. Jgn main2.. Sporting my MIL.. :)) Unfortunately, no picture snap for the balloons la..

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