Jun 25, 2009

From KT (Kuala Terengganu) to Dungun

We had a limited time traveling to Dungun to catch for daddy's training session. Thus we didn't spend too much time on visiting KT. I still remember the last visit (on yr 2007- pregnancy term for Suhaib), when we visited the Pantai Batu Buruk, Masjid Terapung,Rumah Pakcik Ramli at Gong(apatah?), Rumah Makcik Kamariah at KT (when my hubby ...... Ha3 very funni, xbole lupa lah!), and my FIL's keluarga angkat at Kuala Berang (betul ke ni? harggghh... xigt nama la). Makan kepok lekor cicah sos cili spesel Tganu. Huh~ mmg sedap sgt2.

This time we couldn't make the visit, just a passing by through the places at KT. We rest at my Cuzin house somewhere at KT. The first day we arrived there was a very fine afternoon, thus they brought us to makan2 at tepi pantai(apatah? yg dekat airport tu.. ada banyak kuda. Saye perasan ini sbb saya suka sgt pd kuda). It was our first time enjoying 'cicah2'seafood. Where we just ratah2 ikan kembong (kot..), sotong and etc (all goreng tepung), dipped with the TGanu chilli sauce. Mmg agak pelik bagi ku meratah mcm tu saje, tp besss...Sedappp! Tambah kene angin sepoi sepoi..

My hubby took my parents and Suhaib to Masjid Kristal. Me? and Syifa? We just awaited in the car coz it was so hot and Syifa dah bebal dan mengantuk sgt2..

Some of the view. Very nice..

'Bintang Tiga'. Always acting like this when get ready in front of the camera. Mane belajar, ummi pun tatau le..

Without wasting many times, we went directly to Dungun. It was a seaside road passing along Rantau Abang, where the turtles lay eggs. But nowadays they said there's not so much turtles coming up. Endangered animal. Poor them..

We arrived at Dungun around 5 o'clock. This is our first time being at Dungun. Driving around the town to find for the training building. Sesat sana sesat sini. Gosh!... we were so helpless.

Finally found. Now need to find for a good hotel (instead of IPM hotel that we've book on earlier) for a five days stay. We go along the beach side and found the Mayang Sari resort ( which is more comfort, nice view and not too expensive- but not too cheap also :)).

Looking tired. Sudah sampai Dungun.. Hey, jauh tau I drive kereta tadi...

Mayang Sari Resort. At the beachfront.

And the best part is (of course) the swimmming pool.. Cuz for 5 days at Dungun? What to do? Pagi petang swimming. Dengan Syifa2 sekali mummy train swimming. Heheh.. At 4mo, she's not that bad. Even better than Abang Suhaib. Very light in the water paddling her legs. That's why they said teaching a baby to swim is easier than a bigger child. As for Suhaib, he's also got excited by the pool but he was too afraid for letting his head kena air. So he just walked inside the pool with the chest-height water level..Amazingly, he walked quite fast and steady, without slipped down at all. Opah (my mother) also has enjoyed the swimming (Jgn tak tahu, my mother is a good swimmer tau..). So we went to the deeper pool alternately while taking care of my two kids.~lepas gian.. ;D

Since my hubby were having the course everyday 9am-5pm, hence we went visiting all over Dungun places without him. We went back to the Rantau Abang to see what's there, Pantai Teluk Bidara, Hutan Lipur Jambu Bongkok(yg dah tak terjaga.very poor..), Tanjong Jara Resort (teringin nak masuk, but high security le.. xbuleh masuk kalau jst nak survey2.. mmg cam tue ke?..)

Panorama Pantai Teluk Bidara.

Suhaib for the first time stepping on the beach. He was afraid at first but when the seawater washing his food, he started to like it very much.

This visit wasn't been planned properly, we were unfortunate for Mayang Sari could only provide us a 3 days staying. As for the 2 more days, we went back to IPM Hotel at Jln Paka. This hotel served a cheaper rates but the rooms quite worth it. There's still not so much hotels available for a sort of 'vacation' place like that. So, if you are planning to go there, you might need to book hotel on earlier day. There are some more; Hotel UiTM (always fully book for late reservation), Ulek Mayang Resort... well I think that's all I can remember which look good from my first sight. Dunno how they really are..

Hugs n Kisses!

Jun 24, 2009

Baby Tummy Time

There is recommendation for babies to be put to sleep on their backs in order to avoid from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, it will reduce the time for the babies spend on their tummies, which can mean delays in their development of certain motor skills such as learning to push up, roll over, sit up, crawl, and pull to a stand. Even, we as the parents could exacerbate these problems if most of the babies waking hours are restricted in a container such as swing, bouncy seat/car seat.

When the baby is on his tummy, he has to lift his head and push up on his arms to see anything. These could strengthen and developed his muscles. Instead, when he's on his back, he can see everything simply by turning his head from side to side. Spending time on his tummy also encourages our baby to practice reaching and pivoting.

In other word, motor control means a baby gains control of his head first, then his shoulders, then his abdomen, and so on down his body. According to the researched, we can begin tummy time as soon as we bring our baby home from the hospital by playing and interacting with the baby on his or her tummy two to three times a day for short intervals. While his neck strength is still limited, we can lay him (tummy down) on our chest so that he can raise his head to see our face. As he becomes accustomed to the position and enjoys playing this way (which also means his neck is becoming stronger) we can increase the length of tummy time.

Sedapnya tdo...

How to encourage him?
Get down on the floor and keep him company. He might have a limited view of the world when he's on his tummy - especially when he doesn't have the neck (like Syifa’ was) or arm strength needed to push up and look around. So join him on the floor and talk to him, shake his rattle, make funny faces, sing or play peek-a-boo. Try lying on our back and placing the baby on his tummy on our chest. Then he will lift his head and use his arms to try to see our face.

Place a mirror or an activity mat on the floor underneath the baby to provide some entertainment for him. There is also recommendation for placing toys in a circle around the baby so he has to reach in different directions to get at them or see them. This will help him to develop the muscles he needs to roll over, scoot, and crawl. Or have an older sibling or child play with the baby while on his tummy (but always supervised them- or the bigger child will sit on the baby- like Suhaib did on her adik Syifa- Syifa’s face turned red for half an hour! Huh~ seriau sungguh mummy..)

Be careful!
Make sure the baby isn't full, too hungry or tired when we try tummy time. When he gets upset, try to entertain him and see if he'll stay there a bit longer; but if he's really unhappy, pick him up and try again later. The baby may only tolerate tummy time for a few minutes at a time until he gets used to it.

In a nutshell
Tummy time is not only an important developmental opportunity for our baby. It is also a great time for us to bond and play together. So as a working mother let us schedule some quality tummy time into every day.

Syifa (4mth) n her cuzin Danial (4 n half mth)

Both raising legs. Heyyyaaa...

Jun 22, 2009

Tag 'giler2' by Hanie

This is my 1st 'tag' by Hanie. I'm not so clear about tagging here and there but it's kinda funny and interesting. I finally feel that.... I liiiike to be tagged! Tihihi..

Here they go..

Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

My name begins with F , so the answers should sound like...

1. What is your name :
Faridah/ Farid

2. A four letter word :

3. A boy's name :
Fadzilah Kamsah

4. A girl's name :
Fiyy yo naa.. ;p

5. An occupation :
Fashion designer. waaa.....

6. A color :
Fuchsia pink. Ha.. amik! (www.wiki.kikiki)

7. Something you'll wear:
tudung Fareeda. Ha3 Layan sajer..

8. A food :
Fish n chips

9. Something found in the bathroom:

10. A place :

11. A reason for being late :
Free parking! ;D

12. Something you'd shout :

13. A movie title :
Finding Nemo. Yess!

14. Something you drink :

15. A musical group :
Fabolous cat. Tihihi

16. An animal :

17. A street name :
Faizabad Road. He3 bollywood mari

18. A type of car :
For two.. =)

19. Title of a song :
Fatamorgana- Hijjaz

Susah gak nak memikior Hanie...

I want to tag these ppl..

  1. Kak Farah (Faz)
  2. Elia (Mommyeryna)
  3. Lilly (Dazzlinglilly)
  4. Bibi (BIS)
  5. Atun (witemusk)
  6. Kak Ain (yg pandai masak tue..)
  7. Durra (Yg i baru kenal- break the ice 2x)
  8. Pah- Shida (sama2 PLV)
  9. Ain (Cutie Dieyna)
  10. Suziela (a photographer to be)
OK. Cukuplah seplo org =). Ade mase jawab lah eh kwn2..

Jun 17, 2009

Jalan2 Pantai Timur (15-23 May 09)

We had our holiday (+ daddy's 5 days training at Dungun) last May. I'm just about to upload the photos to live up the memories.

Our journey (of course) started from Perlis. Go down to Alor Setar. Down some more to Kulim. Bring along my parents. From Kulim, we went through Grik, Jeli, Tanah Merah (and some forgottened places) directly to Kuala Terengganu (KT). 10.30am from Kulim, 2.30pm reached Setiu(I guess- if not mistaken- huh~ so forgetful!). We saw a 'cafe Taman Tema Agro' signboard-3km(from the main road).

Starving. But did not see any 'warung' to eat. Maybe cuz it's Friday- shop closed. Hence, we decided to go down the 3km plantation road. And here what we found out..

An agro theme resort with some chalets and rooms to stay. My comment, OK, not bad I guess.. but make sure you have your specific interest such as camping, playing with fish-?? how?, fishing, canoeing, waterfall picnic ( they write it in the banner-but I can't see any waterfall- maybe need to go deeper), (a must) swimming pool (not for fishes okay) and etc.

The place surrounded by lakes and fishes pools. A peaceful place but very hot during the noon (of course)..

Here goes some of the pictures..

Taman Tema Agro

My parents with their cucu..

See at the back - plenty of fish. Goreng pon sodap nih..

The chalets.. My poor editing..Well, jst to show some landscape of that Tmn Tema Agro..

Nah, here there goes abt the activities available here. So I got it rite.. at Setiu.

Hurmm... this is before collapse.. Just a passed by aheading to my cuzin's house.

Some more pictures about the East coast journey soon! =)

Hugs and kisses.

Suhaib in fever pain..

Yesterday mummy took an EL(emergency leave..). Tokwa (my kids babysitter) cannot make it since Wan E’s (Tokwa’s hubby) farther passed away. *Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihiraajiun.. Al Fatihah* Thus, Ummi took care of poor Suhaib and little Syifa’.

Suhaib have been unwell for almost a fortnight since Tokyah and Wan Im leaved for umrah. Poor suhaib.. His flu has gone but he still have the cough and phlegm. Things are getting bad when he has been suffering a bouncing fever so frequently. Sometimes his body temperature is extremely high that made me feel so worry. He did a little and frequent poops as well- I’m not sure why, but maybe due to his bad fever. Perhaps, what I’m sure enough, it’s not because of food poisoning. His head and back were so hot to touch, sometimes he felt freezing. Kesian anak Ummi.. Xtahulah nape xkebah2 jugak demam Suhaib..

Everytime he made a little poo, mummy will take him to the bathroom. Cleaned and bathed him wishing that his body temperature will go down. Every 4 hours mummy gave him the relief fever medicine, 250mg paracetamol to control his body temperature. Still, sometimes his fever went so bad with a tremendous hotness. Hence, Ummi have no choice than to rectal suppository (a drug delivery system that is inserted into the rectum where it dissolves) him, because this may relieve the fever faster.

Mummy did some readings this morning and found out some careful reminder when handling a child’s fever.

What NOT to do when your child has a fever?
  1. DON'T cover your child with heavy blankets or quilts. Heavy covers can hold in fever.
  2. DON'T cover your child with a wet towel or sheet. It will keep heat from being lost through the skin.
  3. DON'T give your child a cold bath or an alcohol bath. (Mummy: Not sure what means by a cold bath. Maybe it means a bathe with very cold water. As far as I know giving them bath could help to reduce the fever)

Gambar lama semasa sdg tidur..

Jun 12, 2009

Syifa Milestone

Yippiiii... finally I can roll over!

The last 2 days, when I was laying down with Syifa, Suhaib and daddy, for bed, we all had a ‘busy’ time. Me and daddy were chatting to each other while Suhaib always be the one that interframe us. Okay…okay… cerita monyet.. Daddy always be the best storyteller since mummy is taking care of Syifa’. Daddy made the story so exciting until Suhaib were hard to sleep and required a longer time. They laugh and acting together. "Bile nak tido ni… ummi letih dah.. ;) Sometimes, mummy do storytell him. Definitely he could fall asleep faster (cause mummy’s story quite boring la…. ;p. Asyik2… cerita teladan yg *lems* tue..)

Oh, Syifa? Syifa suddenly rolled over. Mummy didn’t notice how she did that. Padahal she’s only beside me. he he he.

She did it so hard. Poor Syifa. But that’s no problem at all ok. Until today, she only manages to do it several times. Maybe her ‘drumstick’ part made her body seem so heavy. She had a new routine now. Everyday she will wake up at around 5am, and cooing ooooo ooooo…, aaaa…. aaaa… When she sees me open my eyes, she will return a smile. Waaahh… awalnyer kejut mummy…. Mummy ngantut lagi…

Additional Update:

Syifa' likes to roll from back to front most of the times. She do it without hard anymore.. "Very good..."

This morning we brought them to Dr Menon's clinic to conduct the nebulizers ( a respiratory device that allow a vaporized medicine to be inhaled into the lungs) since they still got irritated by some deep coughs. All ok, but another 2 sessions to go through this afternoon. It will be one at 3pm. The other, maybe at 8.30pm+.

Now Syifa’ can be a little more confident cause her body weight is not approaching the ‘obesity’ region anymore. She is now 7kg at 4mths and 3wks.

Syifa: "Hi there. It is not because of taking a hard time diet, but recently I used to exercise a lot. You know how hard it requires me for a rolling back-to-front? I tell u it’s not easy! Huh~ My healthy thigh is so heavy. But recently I’m kinda notice that my thigh is a bit slimmer than previous!” ;p

“Let’s enjoy viewing some of my pictures taking with a busy-buddy. I like to call him Abg Boy cause of his new baldy head. Ups! Sorry bro =D

Hey, this is me!

Yesss! I finally made it.. Hey, what is that?.. da da da..

Can u see a dark spot under my eye? Yes, that was done with no-mercy by the bz-buddy. Grrrr....

There comes the bz-buddy! I tell u. He can't 'stay tuned' for one sec. Shhhhh.... U don't tell him okay.
Uhuhuks..Hey bro. Wut's up? I'm just snapping some photos here..

Okay2.. U want to take photo too ya! Come-on2. U may join me. (*bz-buddy lerr...*)

Jun 10, 2009

Making the photoshoot. *phew....*

One thing of our checklists is to get the passport done. So yesterday, after office hour (since Suhaib recently wanting for *jalan2* after office hour. Jenuh gak tiap2 hari nak kene *entertain*.. :)) we went for a passport photoshot.

Suhaib had really made me *gelak bagai nak pecah perut*. Ha ha ha… Funni boy la anak ummi ni… Actually he had becoming stressed by the flashing lights and all the people (me, hubby, cameraman, cameraman’s wife-I guess) that were encouraging him to look, smile and don’t move. Which made him wants to avoid his eyes from blinking. Ha ha ha.. He’s so struggled doing that and made he looked so humorous with the ‘funny faces’.

Alamak terklik jugak ;D

Tensi gilerr dah nih...

Adik Syifa tangkap gambar, ok... maintain.. memang dasar perempuam kot. ;D *Clap3* pandaiii...

Inilah dia hasilnya...

Jun 9, 2009

Counting days

These days lately have been a hectic for me and husben. In a middle of nowhere, so suddenly Ummi felt down (to earth)!

Sebab apa ek?.. Xpaham… Tetiba jerr.. Ummi igt Ummi lekat balik... sbb tetiba jer rasa loya2 nak muntah.. Tp takkk ye....

So helpless, until Suhaib and Syifa has to be abandoned. Sian anak2 ummi… I was 39.8 degree until Syifa refused to direct bfeed. It was Sunday, most of the clinics with doctor perempuan at Alor Setar were tutup. KMC(Kedah Medical Centre) pula ramai gilerrrr. Last stop, PMC(Putra Medical Centre).

Ok. *Wait… wait… wait… *

Finally, been able to see the doctor (lady one).
Hmmmm.. ok.. Jum balik…

Not even have chance to take five, *gedong-gedang2 dgn hal anak2*, tanpa disedari, demam pun sudah hilang… he3 itukah yg dikatakan dgn anak2 itu penawar? Hehehe

Back to the story, counting days. Hurm… banyak yang nak di selesaikan sebelum pergi nih.. Rumah, kete, barang2, packing, visa, passport, medical checkup(tadi dah buat), insurans and etc. Mmg jenuh gak ler.. Borang tu boring ni. But credit to my hubby yg sgt2 lah pemurah itu.. Legaaaaaa satu dua part….. Terima Kasih Abang!

Jun 5, 2009

Suhaib get bald again

This week daddy brought Suhaib for a hair cut since his hair are getting ‘serabut’ like ‘Rangga’ ;D. This is the 1st time Suhaib had his hair cut at the shop. Before this, when the Tsunami-like-wave of Suhaib’s hair were getting longer, Ummi will cut his hair whenever he fall asleep. Thus, jadilah rambut tak siap selama 2 hari. hahaks. What to do? He can only stand still for 2 seconds.
But this time, my 2yo boy really has becoming a big boy. Cause daddy said he can sat quietly at the barber shop while his hair being cut. Long after, he started to cry for daddy’s help. Fortunately his haircut has merely finish.

Suhaib and his new look.

Amacam?? Ada gaya budak tahfiz x? =D

A couple of days on early this week, Suhaib had a bad vomiting due to cough and flu. Fortunately it just a normal allergenic flu. And maybe it was due to a n extremely high temperature of Alor Setar and Perlis. Poor Suhaib… My stomach curling everytime he expelled everything out of his stomach. Yes true, it is good to let his phlegm go out since this little child did not know how to do it by himself. But I can’t find it in my heart to see my little boy felt so weak --deeply breathe, eyes open but without interest to the surrounding. Somehow, he loves to kiss her adik Syifa very much. As a result, while Suhaib is getting better, little Syifa is getting sick with the running nose and some cough. Helplessly, I hope that my milk is strong enough to cure her from getting worse. Cause she’s only 4mo+ and her heart is too young to process medicines for flu and cough. Yesterday, we just bought her an infant nasal pump to help her running nose which sometimes blocks her breathing.

Hopefully they could recover fast.

Sending Tokyah and Wan Im to Penang. Leaving for Umrah. Bila la Ummi nak sampai sana ya?..