Jun 17, 2009

Suhaib in fever pain..

Yesterday mummy took an EL(emergency leave..). Tokwa (my kids babysitter) cannot make it since Wan E’s (Tokwa’s hubby) farther passed away. *Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihiraajiun.. Al Fatihah* Thus, Ummi took care of poor Suhaib and little Syifa’.

Suhaib have been unwell for almost a fortnight since Tokyah and Wan Im leaved for umrah. Poor suhaib.. His flu has gone but he still have the cough and phlegm. Things are getting bad when he has been suffering a bouncing fever so frequently. Sometimes his body temperature is extremely high that made me feel so worry. He did a little and frequent poops as well- I’m not sure why, but maybe due to his bad fever. Perhaps, what I’m sure enough, it’s not because of food poisoning. His head and back were so hot to touch, sometimes he felt freezing. Kesian anak Ummi.. Xtahulah nape xkebah2 jugak demam Suhaib..

Everytime he made a little poo, mummy will take him to the bathroom. Cleaned and bathed him wishing that his body temperature will go down. Every 4 hours mummy gave him the relief fever medicine, 250mg paracetamol to control his body temperature. Still, sometimes his fever went so bad with a tremendous hotness. Hence, Ummi have no choice than to rectal suppository (a drug delivery system that is inserted into the rectum where it dissolves) him, because this may relieve the fever faster.

Mummy did some readings this morning and found out some careful reminder when handling a child’s fever.

What NOT to do when your child has a fever?
  1. DON'T cover your child with heavy blankets or quilts. Heavy covers can hold in fever.
  2. DON'T cover your child with a wet towel or sheet. It will keep heat from being lost through the skin.
  3. DON'T give your child a cold bath or an alcohol bath. (Mummy: Not sure what means by a cold bath. Maybe it means a bathe with very cold water. As far as I know giving them bath could help to reduce the fever)

Gambar lama semasa sdg tidur..


ain said...

siannya suhaib. moga suhaib cpt sembuh ye. risaukan bila anak demam berbalik2.

Faridah Hassan said...

a ah la kak Ain.. risao sgt ni... Sbb ape masih berlarutan ekk?... xfahamla.. =((

durra abd razak @ kocikin... said...

hopefully, he'll recover fast :) InsyaAllah...

nice knowing you....aaah...ayah saya ada citer jugak pasal anak jiran dia (ur hubby) nak dtg soton..bulan 8 yer dtg sini...mcm tu..x sempat laa raya kat malaysia..huhuhu...kita pakat2 raya di perantauan laa gitu ;) kalau ada apa2 nak tanya..leh laa tanya.yg mana saya tau..saya cuba..ada FB account?? nie my FB account name : durra abd razak..till then..

Faridah Hassan said...

Heheh. Org xbiase la FB2 ni..xpenah xplore pon lg. Spesis ketinggalan zaman gak lerr..Kuang3