May 11, 2009

Dapat award lah. Yeah!

Many thankssssss sgt2 to Elia and Lilly for this neno-neno ;D award. Mekacih2..

The rules are :

Post this award at your blog.
Present this award to 10 blogs which u think is the most inspirational, amiable, lovely, congenial & nice.
(tanpa mengikut turutan)

Here's my friends good blogs:
Elia For the mommyhood and etc2
Lilly For an adorable girlie stuffs and cutie2
Mommy Hafiy & Fahry You are such a supermom! Im so inspired. Thank you Pam- Knoe dis from ur tagged ;D
Siew Yin Wut a luvly diary of Khai-Chen's
Nazri Cute daddy lah hang nih.



aku dpt award lg!wah bestny..ppp hg kata aku cute noooo..aku yg mcm ni puny grizzly bear pn dikatakn cute,..sngguh kejam hg

Mommy Lyna said...

TQ farid for the award!

Of course, you're the greatest SUPERMOM!