May 26, 2009

Suhaib Birthday is Today!

This morning when Suhaib wake up, me and hubby wish and sing him a Heppi Birthday song. Suhaib went blushing in his smile. So I thought he’s now understood what a birthday is. Sbb yesterday mummy told him, tomorrow is Suhaib's birthday, birthday is the day you were born where you went out from mummy belly tummy as a baby like adik Syifa'. But not sure enough whether he has the idea of having a birthday cake and a special gift- I don’t think so :). Perhaps if we introduce it to him by this age, then he will learn very fast. I think so :). Reminiscing his 1st birthday, he was too little to understand the birthday party that we made- like participating in a walkathon- but he went off without any directions, so mummy and daddy got to rush after him here and there- cause he just got his legs the previous 2 months. Sampai ummi nak potong kek pun x feeling.*smiling on thought*
"Hai… anak ummi dah makin besar dan sgt cerdik+nakal. Tapi takpe.. ummi suka mcm tu."

Speaking of his milestone, Suhaib is very talkative and full of action and wanting for attraction most of the time. Pop pet 2x, cakap kedah + perlis + kl + siam dier tuh. *lol* He now can understand differences-- like big vs small, long-short, fast-slow – and understand double instructions—like go to the dustbin and throw the pampers in there—heheh ni ummi sll buat *wink3* When he saw some interesting stuffs like fancy flashing lights on the road (recall back, his 1st favorite word besides ‘ayah’ and ‘mi’ is lampu-‘ampu2’), the ships, sea and the shore (‘ombak mai, ombak mai’) and many more, he will start to talk about it so excitedly. Laju mcm train. His mind works faster than his tongue ;). A new funny supportive word which he often uses now is ‘sat’. (‘makan kfc cat’, ‘main cat’) *lol* Pandai la pulak dok bersat-sat anak ummi nih. Tapi bila ummi cakap tunggu sat!, wat donno jer.. Now Suhaib also could understand feeling of sadness. Mummy noticed it when mummy was acting like crying. Suhaib came near, touched and called me in a very soft voice, “Ummi...”. When mummy look at him, he kissed my cheek with a sad facial expression. God… im so touched. Thank you Allah 2x.

Many more about Suhaib, he loves dancing and story telling especially when we tell him a story, he always wants to interframe with his story too. End up the storyline that we have in our mind have always been edited by his imagination. *lol* He has the word for almost everything and often asked for and direct our attention to objects that he familiar by naming it. He’s now getting to know on how to express love to his younger sister, adik syifa’. Sometimes, he will go near Syifa’ very quietly and sayang2 and touch2 softly. Then after a while, he starts to cucuk2 and hit her body and head. Syifa’ the 4mo pun pandai. Sometimes, looking at him only- she quickly cries out loud. *lol*

Last 2 days when we were at my pil’s house, it was dinner time, my mil asked me to go and eat with the rest first while she’s swinging Syifa’ for sleep. Suhaib sat on the big chair beside me and wanted to eat by himself. So I let him. Surprisingly he invited my mil, “tokyah, akan” (tokyah, makan). *lol* Suhaib2… always acting like a big bro.

Daddy's boy

*Sigh* So much more about Suhaib on his 2yo to tell here. But dats all for now. We plan to celebrate his birthday on this weekend at Tandop( my pil’s house) since there will be a lot of children including my sil’s and cil’s kids. But tonite will have dinner at KFC since he loves KFC (he called ‘KFci’) so much. Present??? *dingdong* Sorry, ummi and daddy belum ada idea lagi ;p. Sbb Suhaib selalu jahanamkannya ;D

Wut bro??
Cedap ke jari tu adik syifa'??
Come on swing2


ain adreanna said...

tembanmnyer pipi..geram nak cubit

Faridah Hassan said...

Syifa: Tlg2.. jgn la auntie... Semua org nak cubit saya.. cakitla...;D

Tulip said...

alahaii comeinyaaaaa baby girl dia...bila nk p mlwt nii..adiah dah lama dok terperuk dlm keta hehehe

Whitemusk2508 said...

ehehe..comel syifa'..skrang ni dah xnampak cm muka suhaib dah.. :)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

hepi birthday suhaib..syifa' makin tembam..comel la..

Faridah Hassan said...

Yake?.. Jgn adiah baju sudah. Sbb takut xmuat dah ;D

Faridah Hassan said...

A ah.. Muka saper yek?? Org2 Kulim kata muka Wan Im (my fil) dia..

Faridah Hassan said...


Syifa: Mekacih kakakkk.. Alahai mudanya auntie ni.. Cun melecun lagi =D