May 4, 2009

Our 1st Daughter

Zahra Nursyifa'- our 1st doter, born on 23rd Jan 2009, Perlis. 7 days being warded at the hospital before can see my lil princess Nursyifa'. The memories of each moments of being warded, are somehow faded by time- that’s why they said women tend to be forgetful more usual then men- so by this ‘creation’ we could forget all the painful moment of the past more easily! :) If not, maybe most of the women are getting ‘serik’ to pregnant again! –LOL. Eventually, itulah yang dikatakan kuasa Yang Maha Pencipta. The beauty sides of all the moments give the best experience and mature us. Like a friend of mine said, “Motherhood made me stronger”. (Elia, u are such a lovely friend n mother with such a cute looking in many ways! Demm…;) )
Ok, back to the story of my lil ones, another hard moment was when I have to struggle by myself, waiting my lil princess at nicu for 5 days. So psyco, looking people come in and go back but me cannot. Huhu~ It was due to Syifa’s jaundice and her blood was too thick that prolonged her to cure. Hurmmm.. kesian umi ;) And Syifa’ was too little, she’s only 2.45kg when she came out and so love to sleep all da time. So hard to wake her up for feeding until mommy’s booby got engorged. So lagilah lambat nak baik ni sayang.. Nasib baik jugaklah ada Medela FS, which is so helpful- Electric breastpump, can be softly-handled, double pump- cepat and comfort, can be battery operated, handheld. Most of all, it could motivate me to pump frequently and no formula milk for my baby- sbb dah invest banyak maa :) .. This is my 2nd time delivering a baby but my 1st time to join the club of exclusively on EBM mothers. Thankful to Allah, I’ve been given the exposure to such a valuable sacrifice. Thank you to Watie, to introduce me to www.susuibu.com- I wish I could have found this website earlier when I was awaiting for Suhaib.. To mommies yg expecting for their new ones, let spend a bit of your time to search and learn what to expect for your newcomer. They really need us, and so to said we need to ‘google’ for more information to prepare ourselves on handling them.

Till next time. Here’s are some of my doter’s moments..

Her 1st day

Umi so love to see u smile little princess :) :)


ain adreanna said...

waa..1st day da pandai senyum yer..dieyna dulu tido jer..nak bagi mamam pon xnak..sb kuning kot..

Faridah Hassan said...

he3.. yg senyum tu bkn her 1st day la ain. Gambar yg dibedung tu aje yg 1st daynyerr..