May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Mother, ummi, ibu, mama, mommy- words when we called it we could feel something different about these words. There’s incomparable love whilst a big and trustful hope that we could acquired from the strength of a mother. In any state of affairs, mother has always be the best partner to walk along.

Mak, adik ucapkan selamat hari ibu pada mak dan terima kasih di atas
pengorbanan mak selama ini”..
I wish I could wish this to my mum sentimentally like starring a movie where everyone looked at it and feel so touched by the scene. But I am so unfortunate that I only manage to say it monotonously. :( I hope dat my mother could feel the appreciation I’ve tried to show to her.

To my wonderful son and daughter, mother will love you without any condition, and will try to become the best mother for you.

Ya Allah, bantulah aku agar aku dapat menjadi ibu yang terbaik untuk anak2


mommyeryna said...

Salam alaiki hot mommy...wish u a very happy mother's day!! InAllah, strive to be da best mother to our children ek? Aminnn..


wah2..puny lama xupdate, skali update smpai 2 3 entry..chumell sguhh la princess hg..debabbb2..

DaZzlingLilLy said...

happy mothers day farid...